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Taco Bout Love 
Networking Mixer 
Event Producer and Manager 

CLIENT: Bumble 


VENUE: Tijuana Picnic 
BUDGET: $2,500

RSVPS: 224 


Increase Bumble BFF downloads and engagement through a networking event.

The Strategy

Bumble is most known for their dating connections but few know about the newest mode on the Bumble app that prompts you to expanding relationships within your network and city. To lower the pressures of Valentines Day, Otf Social threw an event a few days prior that focused on margaritas, tacos, and making a variety of connections. 

Taco Bout Love was a social event that generated around 200 app downloads. All guests who confirmed their attendance were asked to download the Bumble BFF app to gain access to the downstairs lounge.


Once guests past the neon lights, they were met with free tacos and drink tickets that could be used to get you a “Sorry Sweetheart” or “Broken Arrow.”


Invites were strategically sent to creatives in the NYC area who are very vocal about their belief in community and collaboration. Goodie bags filled with Bumble swag were given out once capacity was reached and allowed guests to boast over their items, creating an added layer of confidence and connection. 

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