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EnQuor 1 Year Anniversary  
Branded Pop-up Shop 
Event Producer and Manager, Designer, Content Creator 

CLIENT: EnQuor x Milk and Cream Bar 

BUDGET: $3,000

RSVPS: 160 


Style a shopping event that separated itself from a typical retail experience. 

The Strategy

Branded pop-up shops have been proven to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and get vital feedback from your customers. Appreciation was shown to those who had made it possible for Enquor to be in business for a year by designing and selling limited edition pieces and key favorites from past collections. 

The Execution

During the 1 Year Anniversary you were able to shop, eat, and mingle with fellow creatives in your community. 


The neon transitions of color in the Enquor logo that was hung on the wall created a relaxed environment that allowed guests to feel as if they were invited into the owners living space for just a few hours. To show appreciation, 20 guests were hand picked off of the mailing list,  to arrive early, receive welcome drinks, snacks, and exclusive merchandise. We leveraged the exclusivity of the occasion since Enquor is not in a physical retail space and were able to generate tremendous buzz and interest. 


Additionally, I lead partnership communications with Milk and Cream Bar to incorporate their most popular flavors and topics to encourage guests to create their own original content to recap and document their experience. 

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